Meet Our Staff: Kelli Hinderlite – Camper Registrar

Mar 15, 2019 | Meet Our Staff

Camp counselor smiling next to a camper sitting down

Our Camper Registrar, Kelli, is a witty, coffee-loving, long-time staffer at Barnabas, and we finally got the chance to learn a little more about her with some fun questions:

Question: What do you like to do for fun?

Answer: Does drinking coffee count? I love going to the movie theater, doesn’t matter on the movie as long as it is not scary.

Question: What is your role at camp this summer?

My primary responsibility is maintaining relationships with all camper families and assisting them with any needs they may have.

Question: If you could write any kind of book, what would it be about?

Answer: Perhaps a coffee table book of “dad jokes”.

Question: What do you love most about your job/what are you most excited for?

Answer: I love being able to welcome new campers and their families into the Barnabas family.

Question: What’s your favorite story from camp?

Answer: There are too many wonderful things to come out of my time at Barnabas. I cannot narrow it down.

Question: What’s your favorite part of camp?

Answer: Camper arrival, I absolutely love how we are able to celebrate all of our campers.

Question: Why did you decide to do the work you’re doing now?

Answer: After graduating college I knew I wanted to work for an organization that served our community. And Camp Barnabas gives me the opportunity to serve a lot of people throughout the year.

Question: What’s your favorite camp song?

Answer: Grey Squirrel.

Question: What’s one thing people should know about you?

Answer: I find cheesy “dad jokes” to be incredibly funny. So if you see me at camp and you know a cheesy joke please share it with me.

Question: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with all your extra time?

Answer: I feel like I should pick up a new hobby if I had more time. I would like to learn how to crochet or embroidery. (but in all honesty I love taking naps.. so I probably would just take naps even if I didn’t “need sleep).

Question: What’s your go-to song when you’re chanted up to sing?

Answer: The Good Samaritan Get Down.



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