Meet Our Staff: Matt Mckever – Assistant Camp Director

Feb 21, 2019 | Meet Our Staff

Our Assistant Camp Director this summer is: Matt McKeever! He loves reading a good book, cooking some good food, and hanging out with good friends. Matt is currently the Academic Director at Barnabas Prep, and we’re excited to see him work in this new role! We wanted a little more info about Matt, so he answered some of our questions below!

Question: What do you like to do for fun?

Answer: For fun, you could find me either reading a good book, cooking some good food, playing sports with friends, or just kicking back and relaxing.

Question: What is your role at camp this summer?

Answer: This summer, I will be the Assistant Camp Director! I will be working alongside Mike Mrosko to ensure that camp runs smoothly and everyone is having a great time. I will fill in wherever I am needed and I will work one on one with every camper to make sure that they are loving their time at Camp Barnabas!

Question: If you could write any kind of book, what would it be about?

Answer: If I could write any book, I would write about the wild west! I would write about the events of my life, but make them take place in the time of cowboys and outlaws! There would be shootouts and showdowns at high noon. Friends would be saved from danger at the last second, and the good guys would barely make it out in time! My life is not nearly as exciting as the wild west, but that’s what a book is for!!

Question: What do you love most about your job/what are you most excited for?

Answer: All of my life, I have just wanted to enable others to have the fullest experience possible, wherever they are at. With my job this summer I can do just that. Helping Barnabas happen for thousands of people is the most gratifying thing I can think of. I get to share the gospel, have campouts, play sports, eat good food, introduce new friends, and create an atmosphere of love and acceptance for everyone. Where else in the world would I be able to do that? I am blessed to be apart of Camp Barnabas.

Question: What’s your favorite story from camp (personal experience)?

Answer: I vividly remember my first camper arrival. I had never been to camp before at all, and I had no idea what to expect. I was a quiet and timid first timer who was overwhelmed by energy of it all. Seeing every camper celebrated as a true individual and friend was so humbling. I have had countless other life-altering moments at camp, but I can trace it all back to that first camper arrival. I cried the whole time, and thanked God that I could be apart of something so special.

Question: What’s your favorite part of camp?

Answer: Personally, I love IP. Waking up first thing in the morning to praise the Lord and be goofy with everyone is such a renewing experience for me. I get to take a deep breath and realize the best day ever is in front of me, and that happens every morning! The songs are fun, the backdrop is gorgeous, everyone is still waking up, but the Holy Spirit moves every time. IP is my favorite part of camp without a doubt.

Question: Why did you decide to do the work you’re doing now?

Answer: Currently I am the Academic Coordinator at Barnabas Prep as well as the Assistant Camp Director in the Summer. I had a brother named Evan who recently passed away who had disabilities. He taught me so much in life, but one of the biggest things he taught me was how to guide people toward success and independence. So, I got my degree in Special Education and started doing just that! I am ecstatic to continue doing that in a slightly different way this coming summer at Camp!

Question: What’s your favorite camp song?

Answer: The Karate Song! It is a simple song with karate sounds on the surface, but it has such a simple lesson about God. If we ever need to fight anything in life, Jesus is stronger than any martial arts master in the world. “HHH-I will call upon the Lord, WWWHHHHOOO is worthy to be praised!!”

Question: What’s one thing people should know about you?

Answer: I am getting married a few weeks before camp begins this summer! My fiance’s name is Lacey, and we are so excited to begin our marriage by serving alongside each other. She is my best friend and partner in crime. If you haven’t met her, boy are you missing out! Find her this summer and say hey, she is so cool!

Question: If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with all your extra time?

Answer: I would spend that much more time with the people I care about, assuming they didn’t have to sleep either. I would talk and hang out with my fiance as much as I could. I would go and see my parents and my brother, Christian, way more often. I would do fun things with my friends, and use every second I could to be with people who make me happy!

Question: What’s your go-to song when you’re chanted up to sing?

Answer: I am a big proponent of singing songs from movies. There are songs from Nacho Libre and The School of Rock that I have in my back pocket, but I may roll out some new material this year depending on how popular my name is in the dining hall!



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