The Barnabas Leadership Academy

Are you in search of what's next?

Life after graduation can be overwhelming, which is why the Barnabas Leadership Academy was established to walk alongside young women to provide opportunities for spiritual, health, financial, and social growth and direction.

The Barnabas Leadership Academy equips young women as they pursue purpose and growth to thrive in adulthood through an 8-month gap year program. Students will pursue areas of biblical growth, leadership development, personal accountability, and work/ service experiences, resulting in a deeper understanding of God’s purpose for their life.

The foundational pillars of the Barnabas Leadership Academy are:

  1. Spiritual - “Developing the side that matters most.”
  2. Health - “Learning the disciplines to make every day count.”
  3. Finance - “Enriching future financial security now.”
  4. Social - “Every relationship matters."

During your academy journey, you’ll gain an extensive knowledge of camp and retreat skills as well as certifications like Serve Safe Certification, ACCT Level 1 Ropes Certification, First Aid & CPR Certification, and Behavior Training.

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