8 Ways We've Seen the Good this Season

Apr 27, 2020 | Tips

Two girls holding multicolored popsicles

We know this season is hard on so many of our camp families, and we continue to pray for everyone affected. Despite these unprecedented times, we’ve noticed many positive things to be grateful for and reflect on. Here are 8 positive things our staff has noticed:

Bonus Family Time

Because we are spending more time at home than we normally would, that means we are spending more time with our families! This gives us a great opportunity to further connect and grow together as a unit and really appreciate who God has given us in each of our lives.

Positive Self Reflection

Everything is at a mandatory standstill, giving us time to sit back and think in a way we never have before. We now have the ability to truly see what our idols are, how we use our time, what we have placed our identities in, and whether or not they truly align with God’s intention for our lives.

Continued Church & Worship

Without the ability to gather in physical churches with our congregations we have begun to learn what church is like without a building. This is truly an important lesson and practice because the bible makes it clear that the church is not a gathering place, but a body of believers. We are fortunate and thankful that today we can still worship with our congregations outside of our buildings!

People Coming Together to Help Others

Whether it’s medical professionals risking their lives, factories switching their production to make protective gear, or regular people at home dedicating their time to making face masks, it is clear that many have come together to help those who need it. We’re so grateful for communities everywhere showing love and compassion towards others!

Power of Prayer

It may be easy to feel a bit useless with so much going on but not many ways to help. We know that the power of prayer is real and that it is a way for us to contribute to the fight. Take this time to develop your prayer life and prayer fervently and frequently for those around you. We can learn to rely on prayer even more though this.

Importance of Local Community

Sometimes we may take our community for granted. We usually have the ability to be with our community at any time, but now that we are inhibited we can see the blessing that our community is. It may take going the extra mile to stay connected, but we’ve seen more than ever just how much it means to do so.

Now Is the Time To Share Hope

As Christians we are called to be a light to those around us and now is the perfect time to do that. Show the love of Christ and spread his joy and hope wherever you can to help others get through this time.

It can be all too easy to see all the negatives in our world at a time like this. Now is the time to practice learning to focus on the positive things around us. God has given us so many blessings, don’t let those blessings go unnoticed.



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