Summer 2018 Theme & Party Theme Videos

Mar 19, 2018 | Videos

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Party Theme #1: Decades Party

Hey, it’s Doc here, I’m in a jam,

I got stuck in the future and I need you fam.

Dress for the 80s, 90s, or 2000s just to start,

Travel through the decades to find every time machine part.

For costume ideas visit here.

Party Theme #2: Food Frenzy

Come one, come all and see if you’re a game show winner,

Compete in games of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Come dressed as anything that is edible,

For the food games will be something incredible.

For costume ideas visit here.

Party Theme #3: Cruisin’ through the Jungle Party

The jungle is a paradise with creatures galore,

So hop on a cruise that will take you ashore.

Dress as tourists or animals, the choice is yours,

As you explore the beauty of the wild outdoors.

For costume ideas visit here.

Party Theme #4: Stomp N’ Holler Dance Party

Saddle up, partner, it’s about to go down,

Get yourself ready, for the hottest dance in town.

Brush off your boots, and straighten that collar,

Get pumped for a good ‘ole stomp and holler.

For costume ideas visit here.

We can not wait to see you this summer!



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