2020 Party Themes!

Feb 20, 2020 | Camp Parties

Camper smiling with camp counselor wearing large, funny neckties

Here are your Summer 2020 Party Themes!

The Renaissance Fair

Hear ye, hear ye! For we have a tale,

Of fair maidens and knights and dragons as well.

From the land of Barnabas in the kingdom of Cahoot

There arose such a clamor from things afoot!

It was during a midsummer celebration known as the Renaissance Fair,

And it was then that a bit of trouble came soaring through the air.

But just what happened? You’ll have to wait and see,

Come with us, and find out for yourself what will come to be…

The Land of Holidays

Imagine a land with every holiday,

In one giant meet up, on one summer day,

With Santa and the Easter bunny, perhaps a Leprechaun, too!

Can you imagine the fun the fun we’ll have with this crew?

The celebrations won’t stop with festivities galore

So come dressed in your favorite one (or maybe more).

And prepare for a holiday like you never did see,

It’s sure to be a blast at this party!

Barnabas Beach Bash

The most popular place at camp is where we’ll be

For this cool, by the pool, beach party.

With games and slides and toys that spray,

It’s the perfect place for us to play.

So come surfers, sailors, and pirates too,

As we dance on the beach to some island tunes!

The Barnabas Ball

Break out your best, and get ready to sparkle.

Tonight is a dance party like no other.

Get a little fancy and dress to the nines,

We want you to shimmer, and we want you to SHINE!

It’s a night to remember at the Barnabas Ball,

We’re breaking out a red carpet for all.

Whatever you wear, it’s up to you.

What’s on the inside makes you fearless.

And that’s important, too!



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