Stories We Love: Down Syndrome Awareness

Oct 17, 2017 | Videos

In honor of Down Syndrome Awareness Month this October, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite inspirational videos:

1. Noah Van Vooren Scores a Touchdown

Noah, a senior from Little Chute, Wisconsin, served as the waterboy for his school’s varsity football team. He attended every game faithfully cheering them on regardless of victory or defeat. Although Noah loved his role, he wanted nothing more than to get out on the field and score a touchdown. On the team’s final home game of the year, he got that chance:

Why we love it: The athletes of Little Chute high school showed us that sportsmanship and comradery outlast the competition. Recruiting Noah’s help to score the final touchdown of the game was a dream come true for him, and represented the team’s spirit of inclusion and positivity.

2. Sofia Sanchez Explains Down Syndrome:

Sofia Sanchez, an 8-year-old model and Instagram star, talked to her mother about down syndrome:

Sofia has a bit more to share about Down syndrome for this wonderful month of awareness! #dsawareness #changingthefaceofbeauty #itsnotscaryatall

A post shared by Jennifer Varanini Sanchez (@thesanchezsix) on Oct 5, 2016 at 5:20pm PDT

Why we love it: Sofia shows her audience that Down Syndrome is nothing to be afraid of. Sofia summed it up when she said, “down syndrome isn’t scary, it’s exciting!” Way to go, Sofia!

3. Tim’s Place Offers Service with a Smile

Tim Harris had a dream: to own his own restaurant. Instead of letting society’s expectations hold him back, Tim worked until he could own and operate one of his own. Tim’s Place, a restaurant known for its hugs, was a massive success for the time it was open and gained national attention. While he loved the business, he closed it in 2015 to move to Denver with his wife: Tim proves that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Why we love it: His positivity and dedication in the face of a culture that tells him “no” is incredible and inspirational.

4. Kelly Fitzgerald and Her Story of Independence:

Kelly tells the story of finding independence through support from her family and friends:

Why we love it: Kelly didn’t let anybody’s pre-conceived ideas about her identity stop her—rather than allow other people to tell her how her life was going to be, she made her own path and discovered a passion in sharing her story with the world.

5. Biffin and Turner Show Some Brotherly Love:

Special Books by Special Kids interviewed brothers Griffin (called Biffin) and Turner and asked them some questions about being brothers:

Why we love it: Biffin and Turner are just like every other set of brothers: they wrestle, they fight, but more importantly, they love each other!

6. More Alike than Different:

Do kids with down syndrome think or act any differently than any other kid? Let’s find out:

Why we love it: More Alike than Different shows us that kids with down syndrome and kids without down syndrome are both just kids. Having down syndrome doesn’t define anyone, and we love how this video showcases that!

What videos do you love featuring Down Syndrome Awareness advocates? Tell us below!



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