Leadership Academy Fall Semester Update

Jan 17, 2024 |

Reflecting on the past semester has been full of gratitude as I watched our students grow within the four pillars of our Leadership Academy: spiritual growth, personal health, financial literacy, and social interactions.

In our pursuit of spiritual enrichment, we completed two insightful Bible studies. "Better Together" took us through the topics of discipleship, and building fruitful relationships within the study setting, and guided us in nurturing our relationships with God through various study and prayer methods. The “Attributes of God” was equally transformative, challenging our perspectives and prompting deep reflections on His unchanging character and our capacity to reflect these traits.

The journey towards personal health has included students' meal planning and adapting to independent living. With the nearest grocery store 25 minutes away, they've embraced wise budgeting and time management, adhering to a 9-5 schedule while honing their leadership skills and teamwork abilities. The Strengths Finder tests laid the foundation for this growth, empowering them to understand their strengths and those of the team, a knowledge they've carried through event planning and collaborative projects.

Financial literacy has been a focal point, with students undergoing online courses, creating personal budgets, and gaining insights into savings, loans, and debt management. Meanwhile, socially, they've built lifelong friendships, navigated professional relationships, volunteered in their community, and gone on a journey to seek a church that fits them.

Looking ahead into the upcoming semester promises further growth and exciting opportunities. Our students will dive into a Nonprofit project, researching local nonprofits and even dreaming up their own. The study of "Atomic Habits" aims to foster the healthiest versions of themselves, while financial exploration continues with a focus on student finances, resume building, and career exploration. Not to mention the Barnabreak they have already begun planning and will put on for our campers and volunteers!

An incredible highlight awaits as they participate in the Barnabas Prep Cruise, becoming buddies with a Barnabas Prep student. Additionally, our journey in studying the word continues with the kick-off of the Esther study, culminating in the exploration of "Emotionally Healthy Spirituality."

The enthusiasm and dedication our students bring to our Barnabas ministry fill me with excitement for the growth and impact they will continue to generate. Here's to an incredible semester ahead!

Many Blessings,
Morgan McDavid, Leadership Academy Coordinator

For more information on the Barnabas Leadership Academy, click here.



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