Online Training

Mar 27, 2024 | Online Training

Required Online Training for Serving at Barnabas

If you are serving with a group, please contact your group leader for the link to your training.

All Volunteers are required to complete Online Training prior to serving at Barnabas.
This training is critical to maintaining safety at camp and is a part of our Child Protection Plan at Camp Barnabas. It will take approximately 2 hours to complete all courses. These courses can be taken all at once or broken out into multiple sessions. It is important that you are comfortable with our expectations and Child Protection Plan.

Volunteers will need to choose the week they are attending below to get started. If you are coming for multiple weeks during the summer, choose the first week you attend. Volunteers will need to register for an account. Online Training courses will be assigned automatically. All Volunteers are required to complete the updated 2024 Online Training courses. Users will need to “register” unless they attended Spring Barnabreak. If you attended Spring Barnabreak, all courses have already been completed for 2024.

Click here for Week 1 Online Training: Week 1: Legends Online Training

Click here for Week 2 Online Training: Week 2: Heroes Online Training

Click here for Week 3 Online Training: Week 3: Young Friends Online Training

Click here for Week 5 Online Training: Week 5: Soaring Hawks Online Training

Click here for Week 6 Online Training: Week 6: Bridge Builders Online Training

Click here for Week 7 Online Training: Week 7: Explorers Online Training

Click here for Week 8 Online Training: Week 8: Champions Online Training

Click here for Week 9 Online Training: Week 9: Celebration Online Training



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