New Dining Hall Grand Opening

Jun 17, 2024 | CAMP BARNABAS

Camp Barnabas is proud to announce the opening of the new Cook Family Foundation Dining Hall. The Dining Hall has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of Campers with disabilities, providing them with an extraordinary experience. With the new Dining Hall, we will serve approximately 700 Campers, Missionaries, and Staff together and feature a facility with the following thoughtful design:

  • Custom quiet dining area for Campers with sensory sensitivities
  • Accessible indoor and outdoor restrooms and changing rooms
  • Spacious covered deck with views and lower level walkout to the Water Park
  • Expanded kitchen with larger walk-in freezer, fridge, and storage
  • Larger dining space better suited to accommodate wheelchairs
  • Centralized location on campus with tornado shelter

The Dining Hall holds a special place in our Campers' hearts as a space for cabins to gather together to share meals and recount their memories from the day. Our goal is to ensure it remains the most comfortable and enjoyable spot at Camp Barnabas. As the number of Campers and volunteers continues to grow, we recognize the need for a larger space to meet this demand and provide an even better experience.

"We're thrilled about the grand opening of the Cook Family Dining Hall at Camp Barnabas! It's not just a bigger space; it's a game-changer for our Campers and volunteers, adding a whole new level of excitement to our camp experience." says Brenda Brandt, Interim Camp Director.

Special thanks to our generous donors for making the new Dining Hall possible: 

Mabee Family Foundation
Jedel Family Foundation
Brooks and Maddy Price
John and Margaret Prim
Anonymous Donor
Sunderland Foundation
Cook Family Foundation
Maxine McClanahan
Whitaker Family Foundation
Kenny Singer Construction
Schreiber Foods
Betsy and Rob Borrego
Peggy and Mark Griege
Fuldner Family Foundation
Brett and Kathleen Murphy
Brent and Mindy Singleton
JD and Kristin Schupp
Kemper Family Foundation
William and Amy Galvin
In Memory of Jeffrey Jehlik
The Hutson Family

Dining Hall Porch
Dining Hall Exterior
Dining Hall Interior



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